The Black Keys - Let's Rock

After their longest break between albums yet, surpassing the two to three-year average (which is typical of The Black Keys) we have been presented with Let’s Rock, the 9th album in The Black Keys’ discography, but not their best.

The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger

In the midst of modern alt rock, if you ever feel a missing piece of the genre’s pie- which doesn’t scratch your itch despite its strong presence on streaming playlists, you may be suffering from Post Jack White

The National - I Am Easy To Find

It is safe to say that American rock band The National are far from losing their spark with their April-released “I Am Easy To Find.” The LP speaks to us with a familiar voice, but with just enough edge (which

The Cranberries - In The End

As the sun sets on the legend that is The Cranberries, it rises on the other side- where the band now starts their new journey as a monumental memory in musical history. The Cranberries are the essence of post-punk alt

Cage The Elephant - Social Cues

Cage The Elephant’s freshly-released album, Social Cues lives up to their ten-year alt-rock legacy. Their April-released album took a revised step further from the retro-rock of Tell Me I’m Pretty, with some added synth psych elements to set

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