Goodnight, Sunrise - Opener vote

We here at Alt-Rock Radio CJKP-DB were tasked with finding an opener for friends of the station Goodnight, Sunrise on November 4th @ Mills Hardware in Hamilton and we know there's 100s of bands to choose from. So, we tasked our

Ryan Edward Norris

April 6th 1983- July 15th 2022 This is honestly the hardest write up I've ever had to type. This will NOT be our typical write up of the who, what, where etc For those of you that may not know

Ian Blurton's Future Now

Sir Ian has gathered some of the most talented and fantastic musicians to help conquer the world of rock n roll, and quite honestly after seeing them all together live...this may just be Sir Ian's best line up yet.


Sate is a powerful force that fuels an even more powerful blues rock group that will enchant your mind, body and soul. Sate's most recent release "The Fool" was recently nominated for Alternative Album of the Year from the Junos and rightly so.

The Standstills

The Standstills are a hard rockin' dou from Oshawa who have toured across Canada with some of the biggest names in rock and were 2012s 97.7CHTZ FM rock search winners suggested by their fans and had ALL 12 judges vote in their favour. Now they are poised to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!

Atoms To Ashes

Atoms To Ashes are Montreal based Alt-Rock trio armed with powerful lyrics, incredibly catchy riffs, deep and thoughtful bass lines with tight in the pocket drums to keep you coming back for more of what they have to offer.

The Dirty Nil

A straight up no bullshit, Rock N Fuckin' Roll band from the depths of our new home in Hamilton, Ontario.

Century Surfers

Century Surfers are made up of two scholars of grunge. They have studied the riffs, hooks and solos from the greatest artists of the grunge era. They have used this knowledge for good and they created something fresh and new to help save the world of rock n roll...

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