This month we are showing some love for UK alt-rockers Honeycub, whose distinctive blend of grunge and alternative rock has earnt them rave reviews in the unsigned scene.


We are kicking off this year’s Artist Of The Month Series with none other than the inimitable post-punk songstress Chalcedony, whose unwavering resilience looks set to propel her to the very top.


As the festive season is almost here, we thought it’s only fair to treat your ears and playlists to the sweet sounds of Canadian legends, Sloan. The Indie-rock meets pop Toronto-based band just dropped their latest album, Steady, and we have not stopped spinning it here at Alt Rock Radio!


Artist Of The Month: November 2022 For Fans Of: Royal Blood, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes November has landed and now is the time for you to vamp up your playlist with one of Canada’s current hottest heavy alt-rock bands,

Goodnight Sunrise

Fall is finally here and we are back with another brilliant band that you simply need to get on your radar - if you haven’t already, of course. This October, we are showing some love for Toronto rock duo Goodnight Sunrise.

Cancer Bats

For September’s edition of Band of the Month, we are showing some love for Toronto’s hardcore punk band Cancer Bats. They are a band that proves that loud, gritty and ranting punk rock is still very much alive and kicking, especially in Canada.

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