Bonds Of Mara

We are beyond pleased to bring you a group we have been keeping an eye on since they formed way back in 2019 and even though they despise the term “Supergroup” they were quickly dubbed one by most media outlets. But if a “Supergroup” is defined as a group made up of artists from other bands. Well, then that’s the case for pretty much every single club band in Canada.

To keep with our theme here is a Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?  

Who:    Bonds Of Mara

Bryan Crouch (Hail the villan) – Lead Vocals
Daryl Ralph (Sons of Butcher) – Drums
Dave Benedict (Default) – Bass
Sal Costa (My Darkest Days) – Guitar/Vocals


Four guys from other famous bands getting together to form a not “Supergroup” giving us some really hard hitting rock and roll while having a blast touring across Canada and soon….the WORLD! *insert evil laughter here*


Right here on Alt-Rock Radio CJKP-DB!

Every Day at 9:00AM  EST and 5:00PM EST for all of March 2020 at the start and end of your work day.

We will be spinning a song from our library by Bonds Of Mara

You can also find them at all the links below

Sonic Envy



Buy Tickets here


Good question…Why give a group that only has 2 singles and barely established themselves as a group this honour?

Because that’s the whole point of a feature! Help spread the word about an artist we feel will be kicking ass and taking names for a long time come.

These four guys have been in the game a long time and know how to have fun and rock out harder than most.

So…why? Why the f$#k not?!?!

Also…they have their own cyder!!

Working with Duntroon Cyder House they have a put out a special edition product for their new single “Killed The Love”

Check out the special edition can here from their Facebook post –


Contact these guys via their social feeds
Try the Sonic Envy link above and get these guys booked in your town.