Band of The Month - September 2020


Lead Vocals - Roddy Colmer (Rebel Emergency, Most Non Heinous)

Guitar - Jamie Gutfreund (Yes...that Jamie, the young & handsome one on CP24)


Century Surfers are made up of two scholars of grunge. They have studied the riffs, hooks and solos from the greatest artists of the grunge era.

They have used this knowledge for good and they created something fresh and new to help save the world of rock n roll with a sound so unique that you will be left wanting more each and every time.


Right here @ at 9AM and 5PM every day in September 2020 you will hear 1 of their 4 tracks played during these time slots.

Also find them at the links below:





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When's still 2020. So....we have no idea.


As previously stated they have a very unique sound that has many flavours of grungey tones and catchy pop rock hooks.
You WILL find your self singing their 1st single "The Storm" after hearing it just once. Their 2nd single "Stars" (my personal favourite tune of theirs) has their dirtiest riffs and an extremely catchy chorus mixed with uplifting and witty lyrics. If I didn't know any better I'd swear I was hearing Chris Cornell to kick the song off. Great vocal work by Roddy and Awesome guitar work by Jamie 5/5 gentlemen. Well done.
Number 3 "The Wave" A song about female empowerment reminding us all how strong women are and that they truly are the superheros in our lives. They also just released single number #4 "Broken Puppets" which carries a sound that's reminiscent of a soul asylum/collective soul vibes. Which we love and it has been rockin' on our airwaves for all our Alt-Rockers since it's release.
And if you pay any attention to their Instagram (you should) they have been teasing some studio work and Jamie has informed me single #5 is quite the banger. We here at are very excited and you should be too.
Also..they have pretty awesome cover designs for all of their singles. Classic comic strip designs are always a big plus in our minds. Go buy all their singles now and then tune in every day at 9AM and 5PM EST @


Reach out to them on their socials.