Artist Of The Month: February 2023

For Fans Of: The Cure, Hole, Siouxsie and the Banshees

After taking a much needed break, we are back in full force and ready to inundate your 2023 with nothing but the hottest bands and artists around. We are kicking off this year’s Artist Of The Month Series with none other than the inimitable post-punk songstress Chalcedony, whose unwavering resilience looks set to propel her to the very top.

About Chalcedony

Born in the UK yet raised in Vancouver, Chalcedony cut her musical teeth writing and recording songs on her own, before later forming a full band to substantiate her musical vision. Joined by Gillian ‘Gigi’ Callander (Bass), Wes Kennedy (Drums) and Claudia Fernandez (Lead Guitar), her ideas soon became clear.

With a brooding minor key sound that pays homage to a lineage of post-punk royalty (think The Cure amongst others) her music is characterized by her sultry vocal delivery, supported deftly by a pulsating rhythm section. She writes from personal experience, and her music is unashamedly dark in texture. Her elaborately titled current single ‘Do You Really Wanna Know What the Fuck Goes on Inside My Head?!’ proves as much.

Before striking out on her own, Chalcedony had appeared in various post-punk ventures on the Vancouver scene, however it was only when she began to architect her own sound that she began to find inspiration. Ready to head into the studio with producer and long-time friend Felix Fung (Little Red Sounds), a bright future looked imminent, yet complications were on the horizon.

After enduring not one but two debilitating car accidents, as well as encountering a precancerous cell in her tongue (she was left with concussion so severe she “felt like a stranger” in her own head), it would take Chalcedony over a year to relearn how to write and record music again. Yet despite these obstacles, she refused to be deterred, emerging from the darkness with her self-titled debut EP Kal-ˈse-də-nē - a testament to triumph over adversity. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, releasing the infectious singles ‘Shark Eyes’, ‘Permanent Marker’ and ‘Under Cover’.

What’s Next for Chalcedony?

Championed by none other than Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon (“You can hear there's a darkness, there's a darkness in the sound that speaks volumes”), Chalcedony’s newly formed line-up are currently rehearsing ahead of a string of dates to support the EP this Spring. With a full length LP also on the horizon, Chalcedony looks set to firmly secure her place in the ever-growing post-punk scene.

Where Can I Check The Out?

You can stream Chalcedony on Spotify, and you can also keep up to date with the latest news and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also catch them right here on at 9AM and 5PM EST. Every day in March 2023 you will hear a track from Chalcedony.

Final Word

Chalcedony’s journey is one epitomized by her refusal to give up. The road back to performing and releasing music may have been a turbulent one, but if Chalcedony’s compelling brand of gloom-laden post-punk is anything to go by, she’s set for a big future. If you’re a Post-Punk fan, this is a must.

Must Listen: Permanent Marker