Band of The Month - July 2020

Who & What

Back in the early days of the birth of this station this band became a significant part of our regular rotation.

In 2006 they released their debut album 'You Are The Jaguar' ...this album is deeply embedded in our roots as an these artists were exactly what we wanted the world to hear...armed with songs like "The Ride" "Acquiesce" "The Butler Routine" "Manifesto" and so many more this album was an absolute sonic pleasure for someone that needed something more than what was being shoved down out throats by "Mainstream Radio" as "Rock".

That band was 'Dearly Beloved' with a line up of Rob Higgins vocals/bass (Change of Heart & Doctor), Niva Chow vocals, Damon Richardson on guitar  (Danko Jones),  Alex Orielly (Doctor) on drums and John Pogue on guitar.

This was a line up of extremely talented musicians with a goal of creating something new and fresh, while rocking the stage with high energy and in your face Rock n Roll.

Over the years Dearly Beloved has had numerous line up changes with Niva and Rob both being the mainstays. The music has become deeper and evolved without ever losing their sound. Which is a rare talent for many artists.

Far too often a group will have 2 or 3 rock albums then suddenly shift to a softer pop radio friendly version of their former selves.

Thankfully this did not happen with Dearly Beloved.

Their newest album 'Times Square Discount' has been described as a trip down a rabbit hole....and the recording process may or may not have involved plenty of "High" moments.

This has quickly become one of my top albums released over the last year. Which us why we have chosen to put them on extremely high rotation this month.

Where can you find Dearly Beloved?

Right here on Alt-Rock Radio CJKP-DB!

Every Day at 9:00AM EST and 5:00PM EST for all of July 2020, at the start and end of your work day, we will be spinning a song from our library by Dearly Beloved!

You can also find them at all the links below:







Also watch our socials for Vinyl Giveaways of Times Square Discount!!


Unfortunately it may not be til late 2020, with the current world wide situation all shows have been put on pause.


If you are a fan of Rock, then you will never be let down by anything released by Dearly Beloved.


Directly contact the band:

         Black & Blue
         John Kastner –

Record Label:
         Future Shock Records

         Space Agency (North America)
         Joey Massa

AMA Music Agency (IE/UAE)
         Mark Downing

         Prescription PR (UK)
         James Parrish