Band of The Month - April 2020

We here at Alt-Rock Radio CJKP-DB find it quite fitting that 2020 is the "Year of the Rat", because once this COVID-19 situation has cleared, one of our favourite groups is set to have a massively successful year...and that is our April 2020 (4/20) Artist of the month....... The Dune Rats!

Hopefully all clears soon enough and we can all enjoy a Dunies show in our respective cities.


Guitar and Lead Vocals - Danny Beus

Drums and Backing Vocals - BC Michael Marks

Bass - Brett Jansch (The Vines, Red Riders)


A fun lovin' trio who are here for a good time...and a long time. With songs that are catchy, hilarious, fast rockin' and perfectly executed pure joy.


Right here on Alt-Rock Radio CJKP-DB!

Every Day at 9:00AM EST and 5:00PM EST for all of July 2020, at the start and end of your work day, we will be spinning a song from our library from Dune Rats!

You can also find them at all the links below:






Ratbag Records

Killer Merch


Hopefully very soon...2020 Will still be the year of the Rat for the Dunies.


Their music makes us happy and will make you happy too.

These 3 guys are having lots of fun making plenty of great music.  Their newest release "Hurry up and Wait" on BMG Canada is filled with hit after hit, which will be spinning til our ears fall off.  Not only is this album a lyrical and musical beauty...The vinyl is visually stunning.

Check it out here

So, if you like songs about the good times, the bad times and all the drugs you could ever dream might just love the Dune Rats.


Contact Ratbag Records.