We here at Alt-Rock Radio CJKP-DB were tasked with finding an opener for friends of the station Goodnight, Sunrise on November 4th @ Mills Hardware in Hamilton and we know there's 100s of bands to choose from.

So, we tasked our Alt-Rockers on Instagram to come up with a nominations list and we've got a final 20 which are all listed below and if you are having a tough time choosing there is a YouTube video for each band at the bottom.

Starting RIGHT NOW! until Friday September 16th at 11:59PM EST

We will close the poll after that time and announce the winner on Saturday September 17th at 5PM EST giving you and your friends plenty of time to get ready and buy all the tickets for this awesome show!

The form below asks for your E-mail, this will allow you to edit your vote just in-case you accidentally submit the wrong vote or just wish to change it. We will not and do not collect your information. There is a CAPTCHA so you will likely need to scroll up after hitting submit to prove you are not a robot.

As Vanessa said on her posts....LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

Oh and one more thing...
When you finish voting do us and yourself a favour - Tune in by clicking "Listen"