Sir Ian Blurton : Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Glenn Milchem : Drums, Vocals
Anna Ruddick : Bass, Vocals
Aaron Goldstein : Guitar

Guests on 'Second Skin'
with Sean Beresford : Guitar [8]
Robin Hatch : Piano [9]

Studios : The Rolling Stones Mobile at the Music Centre (Calgary), Progold (Toronto)
Engineers : Jason Tawkin, Eric Cinnamon, Ian Blurton
Mix : Daryl Smith at Chemical West
Mastering : Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Cover Painting : Jeremy Bruneel
Logos : Adam Swinbourne
Layout : Louis Durand


Sir Ian has had many many many many bands over the years, Change of Heart, Bionic, C'mon, Public Animal to name a few. This time around he has gathered some of the most talented and fantastic musicians to help conquer the world of rock n roll, and quite honestly after seeing them all together live...this may just be Sir Ian's best line up yet, And the two singles from 'Second Skin' that are currently available are a juicy tease for the release on July 15TH 2022 INPUT THIS DATE INTO YOUR CALENDAR


Right here @ Altrockradio.ca at 9AM and 5PM EST, every day in July 2022 you will hear a song from Ian Blurton's Future Now ('Second Skin' & 'Signals Through the Flames')

Also find Sir Ian at the links below:



BandCamp - Pyjama Party vinyl (300 Limited run) and digital order
BandCamp - Seeing Red Records voloured variants (150 of each variant)



Sir Ian, is nicknamed Sir Ian for a reason (ask Tricky Woo why, they started it).
He is a true Knight in Denim armour slaying the dragons of all the sweaty clubs across the country with his trusty axe and is one of the most highly respected musical minds many circles of music Canadian Indie rock. Sir Ian in his tenor has led many young musicians through the studio process and creating a lot of the music you know and love. He has also always been gracious with his time to us, and we will be forever grateful for everything. Thank You Ian!


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