Artist of the Month: September 2023

Who: Lonely Little Kitsch  
Kris Goetz (Vocals) and Nolan Jodes (guitar)

What: Powerhouse Alt-Rock duo from Niagara Region in South Ontario, coming in hot and heavy to wake up the industry and rock your socks off with catchy hooks and tasty riffs you will not stop humming or bopping to. When these two are not melting your face off, they are helping other rockers get their music out to the masses with their PR company/website where they interview and promote numerous fantastic artists that deserve to be heard around the world, and they host a 1-hour radio show called “The Music Jerks”.

Where: Right here on 9AM and 5PM EST, on Instagram as lonelylittlekitsch.  Also every other Sunday at 8pm EST for their show “The Music Jerks”

When: Live gigs are coming very soon, stay tuned to their socials for upcoming dates and new singles.

Why: Because anyone who works as hard as they do deserves the full attention of the entire music industry. They only have 2 singles currently out to the masses, but that means there’s even MORE to come and tickle those ear holes for years down the road.

How: Contact them via email at