This station is not always monitored and is programmed to be automated and runs on various playlists which we have carefully curated with your submissions and the many tracks that we own legally. If the time you are listening isn't one of the listed play blocks below, then our robot overlords will spin you tracks from our "Main Rotation" which could be pretty much anything. So tune in and ENJOY!

Super Soft Sundays: 9am - 12pm

Sundays are a day for rest and recovery for many of us and for 3 hours, we slow things down and ease you into the end of your weekend, we spin a mix of Acoustic, Folk, soft Alternative, Trip-Hop and a little bit of soft pop.

New Music Showcase (2020-2022): Weekdays 11am- 12pm & 8pm -9pm

Everything new and shiny from artist and label submissions to our lastest purchases, everything you hear will be truly new and maybe something you've never heard before, discover possible the newest hit artist here before they really blow up.

The 90's CanCon Nooner: Weekdays, 12pm-1pm

From Alanis to Zuckerbaby, and everything in between. Playing music from possibly the greatest era in Canadian Alt-Rock. You will not be disappointed and I can will love it.

Safe For Work: Weekdays, 1pm - 5pm

Your music at work...that won't get you fired. We tone down the weird and wonderfully profane and keep you rocking safely with music that won't offend your co-workers or clients during the last bit of your work day before that awful trip on the highway or sitting on the bus.

LOUDER HOUR!: Mon-Thurs 10PM - 11PM

We turn the volume up to 11 and crank out some harder hitting jams, an hour filled with Hard Rock, Metal, Nu Metal, and straight up Rock n ROLL!!

The Alternative Nation, with Kevin Humphreys: Mondays 7pm - 8pm

The Alternative Nation is a podcast that champions new music from the established names to the upstarts trying to make a name for themselves. The blog, podcast and radio show are created, curated and hosted by Kevin Humphreys. Previous episodes can be listened to via Mixcloud.

Rob Rocks!: Fridays 7PM - 8PM

Kick your weekend into gear with Montreal's own Rob Rocks for a full hour of speaker blowing hard rock, metal and even some hair metal right here on Alt-Rock Radio.

The Punk Show: Fridays 10PM - 11PM

One hour of your favourite punk music from pop punk to crust punk with a dose of Ska to get everyone dancing or starting that circling that pit whereever you are listening.

The Kasey Ferguson Show: Saturdays 7pm - 9pm

The Kasey Ferguson Show is an exciting and one of a kind podcast that spins great music from a diverse array of genres and provides in depth interviews with bands, songwriters, actors, athletes, authors, celebrities and members of the community.  Hosted and produced by the wise cracking and often outspoken Kingston based musician turned podcaster, Kasey Ferguson, this is an uncensored and raucous ride that speaks to those who are dissatisfied with what they hear on commercial radio.

Overdrive: Saturdays 9pm - 12am

Tune in and crank it up!  Every Friday and Saturday night, we play a mix of Hard Rock, Garage, and Stoner Rock. Many of these awesome tracks are where you can find plenty of "Paul's Picks"