Hawksley Workman

Hawksley and I discuss his tour in November visiting intimate venues across Ontario while also talking about him quitting school as a teenager to teach music. We dive into his theory as to why the recorder was placed into the

Trevor Hurst

Jon had a phone discussion with one of the nicest Canadian rockers out there, Trevor Hurst to talk all things Econoline Crush old and NEW. Trevor has a documentary which is slated to be released VERY soon called “Outlander”…listen

Dave Benedict

Dave and I have a conversation about the genesis of Bonds of Mara, and his life in Default throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Then we discuss his transition to working a "real" job where he got to express his

Ian Blurton

Jon sat down with Sir Ian Blurton to discuss “Signals Through The Flames”, his newest album with his band “Ian Burton’s Future Now”, and a little bit of everything in between. Listen below:

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