It is safe to say that American rock band The National are far from losing their spark with their April-released “I Am Easy To Find.” The LP speaks to us with a familiar voice, but with just enough edge (which the National help us sit on so well) that we are kept excited and waiting for more. The rock band’s new album gained instant appraisal- doing so well, in fact, that this week it reached all the way to Number 1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Album charts.

The album serves as an essence of summer, light and bright while not necessarily cheerful, featuring a delightful surfeit of female vocalists.

You Had Your Soul With You is the embodiment of this character, which is also their first-released single, setting the tone and setting a strong position for the rest of the album to follow. The relatively upbeat track along with Berninger’s dreamy yet lackluster vocals take me to a pre-2000’s Eels era.

If I were to define The National in one track it would be “I need my girl” as I have always admired The National’s ability to provide classic alt rock tracks which are lined with a dreary hopefulness, and I am Easy To Find is no different.

Despite only releasing three singles so far, You Had Your Soul With You, Light Years and Rylan express the dynamic vocal and instrumental ability of The National, moving swiftly between melancholic piano to mid 2010’s indie with ease. You may also take advantage of the official album film by Mike Mills feature Alicia Vikander. After listening to their first track I could only presume this album would be progressive, and after witnessing Vikander’s terrific portrayal of girl to woman in this film I can’t contest.